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Our Story

Adili Solar Hubs is a youth led social enterprise that focuses on building and running clean energy solutions for advancement of rural economies. Our Adili Cold Hubs Project builds, owns and operates solar powered cold chain management hubs for the marginalized fishing communities. These hubs will help to reduce post-harvest fish losses, increase food security, grow the fish market, and provide employment opportunities for men, women and youth involved in the fish trade - at the hubs we develop. Our team's areas of specialization include engineering, finance, risk, business management and fisheries, collectively bringing over 15 years’ experience to our works and a diverse youth led workforce with members stepping outside rigid role parameters to support collective business functions for progress.

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What We Do

At Adili Solar Hubs Limited, we believe that our clean energy for productive use projects can eradicate poverty in rural areas we establish them at.
We develop, build, own and operate clean energy powered post harvest processing facilities that create a ready market for products harvested by rural communities. We also incorporate CSR projects that improve they quality of life such as access to potable water in such communities.


"Big results require big ambitions"



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